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    Professional computer servicing in Tuggeranong

    At RG Computer Repairs, we understand exactly how computers have become an integral part of modern life. Computers have come a long way from the huge number-crunching machines of old to become everything from home entertainment systems, to vital business tools. We couldn't live without our computers and neither should you!

    We have the right solution to all of your computer problems

    RG Computer Repairs is the premier computer repair service in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region, with a reputation for quality service, expert support and for providing the very highest standard of customer service.

    Remote support with phone sessions

    For the fastest help with software problems on your notebook, laptop or desktop PC, RG Computer Repairs can dial in to your computer and provide remote support, or we can conduct a session over the phone and talk you through how to fix your computer with clear instructions and expert guidance.

    On-site call out service

    For more complex software issues and hardware repairs, we offer a competitively priced call-out service with a same-day response also available. Our experienced technicians will visit your home or business and fix your computer on-site, with no need to take your equipment away.

    Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

    Our team are experts at diagnosing faults and providing solutions to even the most complex of problems. If you are having unexpected issues and don't know where to start, call our team today and we'll have them fixed in no time.

    Virus, spyware and malware removal with system clean and tune-up

    Unfortunately, with the advance of the internet, viruses, spyware and malware are becoming an increasing threat to computer systems and the security of your data. RG Computer Repairs specialises in fighting and removing problem viruses as well protecting your computer against future attacks. 
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    Computer optimisation

    Sometimes, especially with brand new systems, computers can seem to perform sluggishly and this could be down to pre-installed software or an incorrect set-up.

    RG Computer Repairs offers a computer optimisation service where we can discuss exactly what you want from your computer, before removing all the fat and unnecessary programs to ensure it runs quickly and efficiently with all its resources directed to the processes you actually want it to undertake.

    Our optimisation service can give old computers a new lease of life and get them running just as quickly as the very latest models. 

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    Operating system repairs and reinstallations

    Sometimes, software problems can have a knock-on effect right across the functionality and performance of your computer. Issues like these can affect the speed and efficiency of your system and in some circumstances, we recommend a complete reinstallation of your operating system, drivers and software applications. RG Computer Repairs offers a range of different options to give your computer a complete makeover:

    • Level 1 Operating System Reinstallation (reinstallation of operating system and drivers)
    • Level 2 Operating System Reinstallation (reinstallation of operating system, drivers and 4 applications)
    • Level 3 Operating System Reinstallation (reinstallation of operating system, drivers and 5-10 applications)
    • Software repairs to all versions of Windows and MS Office
    • Windows password resets (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)

    Data backup and recovery

    Data loss can be a hugely damaging to both home users and businesses. Imagine losing all your stored photos, important documents or your treasured media collection! RG Computer Repairs is able to provide help and advice on how to protect your important files against sudden data loss and corrupted hard drives with a range of data backup solutions, including backups to CD, DVD, USB and stand-alone storage devices.

    Networks and Wi-Fi set-up of 1-3 devices

    RG Computer Repairs is experienced in setting up all kinds of networks including wireless and ADSL/NBN to local, business and public networks. We even speak to your service provider where necessary to handle all the complex issues and make everything as simple as possible for our customers.

    To learn more about our comprehensive range of computer services,
    call RG Computer Repairs today on 0404 041 921 for your free quote!

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